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Hello and Welcome!

This website is intended to communicate what is going on within the Hacienda Riquelme Resort as well as the concerns and problems we encounter.

Now in our sixth year we have seen 5 Resort Presidents come and go as well as countless Committee members, with constant Committee infighting, who have consistently failed to deliver to expectations or resolve key material issues within the Resort.

Our key concerns are:

  • Lack of open and honest transparency with all owners with insufficient formal communications and owners participation.
  • The ever increasing level of debtors approaching 2 million euros with insufficient reporting of summary case details and tracking.
  • Ever increasing Resort expenditures over and above local market rates.
  • Potential changes to the statutes and creation of Resort rules of the community without all owners involvement/approval.
  • Participation of all owners in the EUCC public areas and compliance with the EUCC Statutes including the golf course starting to pay its monthly communities fees after 7 years of free loading. 
  • Security of owners information and compliance with data protection regulations. 
  • Competitive tendering of all Resort key contracts with service level agreements in place for performance monitoring.
  • Appropriate realistic compensation and completion to the buildings structural issues.
  • The water run-off issues to the outside sports area and the safety implications to the childrens' playground located within the same area.
  • The workers compound needs to be located according to the submitted Resort plans and not looking out over owners apartments.
  • The chemicals risks identified within the resort requires immediate actioning.
  • The desert conditions in which the Resort is built needs to drive a sustainability plan on how we use less brought-in resources and assess alternatives such as LED lighting, solar energy and rain run-off capture.

The resolution of these issues will help to drive the Committees performance as shown in our recent owners resort-wide survey:

Do you believe the Committee are delivering services at the optimuim level and price?

HRGR Owners that care!

Useful information & Telephone numbers
HR Security internal dailing 2039
HR Security Mobile 968 032 039
Hacienda Riquelme restaurant (0034) 968 039 213

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